Trade crypto across chains in one click 


We are live!

Thanks to our open beta users for all your early feedback! We have now launched our MVP app. Hit the 'Launch App' button at the top right of this page!

Swap cross-chain between Moonbeam and Astar - with support for more chains coming soon! Please let us know what features you'd like to see and/or what we can improve.


"The future of Web3 is cross-chain". But what does that mean from a trading perspective? Liquidity is fragmented across multiple chains, so trading on a single chain means access to a small fraction of the market opportunity. Trading cross-chain reduces your slippage and price impact!


Manually trading cross-chain is painful. Nobody wants to use a DEX UI to swap tokens, a bridge UI to move tokens across chains, another DEX UI on the destination chain - all while waiting 5 minutes between transactions and spending fees in 3 different tokens. With PrivaDEX you sign ONE transaction to spend your source token. Our contract handles the rest.


Did we mention PrivaDEX is a decentralized protocol? 2022 taught us to go trustless; centralized trusted authority is a disaster. Our swap logic is codified in an ink! smart contract and is run by a decentralized pool of worker nodes. Check out our contract demo for details.

We won 3rd place at the OneBlock+ Hackathon!

We submitted our proof-of-concept to the OneBlock+ Winter 2022 Hackathon and won 3rd place on January 8!